TYG oncology is a biotechnology company focused on the development of novel cancer immunotherapies using active checkpoint control. A “third-generation” cancer immunotherapy, the lead product candidate TYG100 will be ready to enter clinical trials for pancreatic and other gastrointestinal cancers after production and toxicology testing of the drug substance suitable for human use. TYG100 comprises the same gastrin antigen that was developed and validated by a predecessor company (Aphton Corporation) with positive Phase 3 pancreatic cancer trial results using Gastrimmune (G17DT), an immunotherapy product. With TYG100, the proven antigen is coupled with an improved immune-modulating carrier (IMC), namely the S-TIR™ Technology Platform. Fred Jacobs, Dr Paul Broome and Dr Geert Mudde worked at the same predecessor company and recognised the potential of developing a better pancreatic cancer immunotherapy targeting the same generic antigen coupled with a new innovative carrier derived from the S-TIR™ technology platform making the antigen significantly more immunogenic.

TYG100 demonstrated in primate studies a dramatically improved immune response that was around three times faster and approximately 1,000 times larger than the responses that had been observed with G17DT. In addition, TYG100 had a 100% positive response rate. A major issue with G17DT was that the majority of patients were either non- or low-responders. TYG100 demonstrates how the Company uses circulating protein ligands as therapeutic targets.

The Company has the right of first refusal for the licence to a second product, TYG200, which targets the human epidermal growth receptor 2 (HER2/neu). TYG200 is being developed for breast, gastric, gastroesophageal and any other HER2/neu over-expressing cancers. TYG200 demonstrates how the Company uses trans-membrane receptor targets to induce four simultaneous processes of the adaptive immune response: Cytotoxic T-cell killing, complement dependent cytotoxicity (CDC), antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), and tumour cell growth inhibition.

In addition, TYG has pipeline development plans for a number of novel therapies and creating “bio-superiors” of existing and validated blockbuster monoclonal antibody products.

All the Company’s immunotherapies are based on the S-TIR™ technology platform, which was invented by co-founder Dr Geert Mudde.